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Fascinating Visit to Audley End

My wife Anne and I had an excellent day out recently to Audley End, the magnificent house near Saffron Walden in Essex.

It was about fifty years since I had been to Audley End, and Anne had never been there. I have, however, taken coaches past it, which always draws admiring gasps.

We caught the train from Leicester, there being a good service on the line which leads ultimately to Stansted Airport, and then had a walk of half an hour or so to reach the house.

It was just as magnificent as anticipated, and there was a special event going on while we were there, involving horses, soldiers and a visit from "Queen Victoria".

The only negative about the day was the Olympic-class time that it took to serve what was not a particularly long queue for coffee, cakes etc. I`ve never known anything like it, but everyone in the queue got a sense of achievement and satisfaction from getting served in the end.

Before catching the train back to Leicester, we strolled round to Wendens Ambo, one of England`s prettiest villages, where we were delighted to find the church open.