Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Farewell in 2010

On the last day of 2010, it might be reasonable to remember some of the people who passed away during the year. We will remember these, and of course many others.

Ray Alan, ventriloquist (79); Malcolm Allison, footballer, manager (83); Alec Bedser, England cricketer (91); Captain Beefheart, singer (69); Elizabeth Beresford, writer (84); Louise Bourgeois, sculptor (98); Ian Buxton, footballer, cricketer (72); Ian Carmichael, actor (89); Harry Carpenter, broadcaster (84); Bobby Charles, singer, songriter (71); Avi Cohen, Israel footballer (54); Tony Curtis, actor (85); John Dankworth, musician (82); Blake Edwards, film director (88); Bobby Farrell, singer, dancer (61); Eddie Fisher, singer (82); Michael Foot, politician (96); Dick Francis, jockey, writer (89); Charlie Gillet, writer, disc jockey (68); Peter Graves, actor (83); Chris Haney, Trivial Pursuit originator (59); Brian Hanrahan, broadcaster (61); Alex Higgins, snooker player (61); Dennis Hopper, actor, film director (73); Lena Horne, singer (93); Lionel Jeffries, actor, film director (83); Kenneth McKellar, singer (82); Malcolm McLaren, impresario (64); Alexander McQueen, fashion designer (40); Bernard Matthews, turkey magnate (80); Mitch Miller, musician (99); Patricia Neal, actress (85); Leslie Nielsen, actor (84); Alan Plater, writer (75); Dorothy Provine, actress (75); Pete Quaife, musician (66); John Read, singer (94); Corin Redgrave, actor (70); Lynn Redgrave, actress (67); Egon Ronay, food writer (94); J. D. Salinger, writer (91); Erich Segal, writer (72); Alan Sillitoe, writer (82); Jean Simmons, actress (80); Cyril Smith, politician (82); Monty Sunshine, musician (82); Joan Sutherland, singer (83); Malcolm Vaughan, singer (80); Norman Wisdom, comedian, actor (95).

Thanks for the pleasure generated by all these diverse people.