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Excellent Weekend at Greenbelt

I spent the Bank Holiday weekend, with Anne and several friends, at the Greenbelt Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse.

Anne had been to this Christian festival for a number of years, and it was suggested last year that I might like to come too.

I did attend it, although I had never before spent a night in a tent, and I was a little perturbed by the thought of caterpillars, worms, spiders, beetles and other monsters walking all over me during the night.

However, they didn`t do me any harm, and I thought the festival was marvellous.

So much that I attended again this year.

Among the performances I saw were sets by Courtney Pine (great), Danny and the Champions of the World, Beverley Knight, the Surrey Diggers and Roger McGough.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am looking forward to next year.