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Excellent Day Trip to Whitby

I went on another of Woods Coaches trips recently. This time it was to the popular and very historic Yorkshire town of Whitby.

Woods are the company from whom I hire coaches for my own excursions, so I know at first hand that they are a very good company. It's a very good relaxation for me to go along as a passenger.

On this occasion, having left St. Margarets Bus Station in Leicester, we travelled Northwards until we reached Tibshelf Services, where I took the opportunity to have a good breakfast.

Then on we went into Yorkshire, being startled when crossing the moors after Pickering to drive through a snowstorm.

We had the afternoon at Whitby, so armed with my camera I had another look at many of the features that I know well, as well as visiting some for the first time.

I visited the Georgian St. Ninian's Church, had a coffee and teacake at a cafe on the waterfront called Teas 'n' Tarts, and then paid my first visit to the Dracula Experience. Rather on the lines of a traditional Haunted House in a fairground, it takes advantage of the fact that much of Bram Stoker's famous Gothic novel is actually set in Whitby. I was very good, and genuinely scary in parts.

Crossing over the bridge, I strolled around in the older Eastern part of the town, and climbed the 199 Steps.

I paid a visit to the extraordinary St. Marys Church, took in the fantastic views over land and sea (taking care not to be blown off the headland) and was disappointed to find that the historic Whitby Abbey was closed.

Back over to the Western side, I had a look at the Whitby Heritage Centre, and strolled around the West Cliff, paying respects to the Captain Cook Statue and the Whalebone Arch.

Most of the others on the coach had fish and chips, but I confess that I didn't really have time to sit down and do that, so I contented myself with some chips, which I ate while walking about.

On the way back, we stopped at Tibshelf Services again.

Yes, I had a good day. For somebody like me, who comes from by the sea (Southend), and has also lived at Ramsgate and in the Portsmouth area, it's really good to be able to breathe in some sea air sometimes!