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Events That Changed the World

You might well be interested in a recently published book entitled “Events That Changed the World”.

Written by Rodney Castleden, it is a series of essays about events that, quite literally, changed the world. Inventions, literature, discoveries, invasions, natural catastrophes, assassinations – all these clearly made the world a different place.

This fascinating book is split into five historical sections, with a number of essays in each section.

Among the entries under “The Ancient World” are the building of the first megaliths; the building of the Pharos of Alexandria; the assassination of Julius Caesar; and the Crucifxion.

Under “The Mediaeval and Renaissance World” we find St. Augustine’s landing in Kent; Mohammed’s return to Mecca; the murder of Thomas a Becket; and Magna Carta.

The, in “The Enlightened World”, there are the Mayflower voyage; the execution of Charles I; the Great Fire of London; and Captain Cook’s South Pacific voyage.

Moving on to “The Nineteenth Century World”, we find the Battle of Trafalgar; Darwin’s “Origin of Species”; Marx’s “Das Kapital” and the invention of the telephone.

Finally, under “The Modern World”, entries include the San Francisco earthquake; the murder of the Archduke at Sarajevo; D-Day; and September 11th.

Obviously, that’s just a selection, but everybody will find articles here of considerable interest.

You should find “Events That Changed the World” at good bookshops.