Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Enjoyable Trip to Yorkshire

One of the more recent Coach Trips which I went on as a passenger was to Yorkshire, with Woods Coaches of Leicester, the company from which I hire coaches for my own trips.

I am often asked why I go on other people`s trips. The answer is simply that I enjoy it, and I can of course relax without being in charge of anything!

On this occasion, we left St. Margarets Bus Station as usual, and made a stop along the way at Woodall Services.

The first of two main stops was at Robin Hood`s Bay, where the long narrow street (not suitable for large vehicles) winds down to the sea.

The other stop was at Whitby, famous for Captain Cook, Count Dracula and the evocative Abbey ruins.

We stopped at Woodall again on the way back.

And yes, of course I thoroughly enjoyed it!