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Did You Miss the London Walks?

I led my Spring Guided Walks in London recently. If you didn't take part, you missed a couple of treats!

For the last few years, I have been leading walks in the capital in Spring and Autumn. Both times are Saturdays, and there are two different walks on the same day.

This time, the 1pm walk was "John Wesleys London", a look at some of the places associated with this charismatic preacher who was the father of the Methodism movement.

Other people of religious or literary significance who cropped up during the walk included Thomas a Becket, William Blake, John Bunyan, Daniel Defoe, John Foxe, John Milton, Thomas More, John Newton, Isaac Watts and of course Charles Wesley.

The 5pm walk was "The Haunted Capital", which is one of the very popular Ghost Walks.

Now here's some advance information. The Autumn walks will be on Saturday 8th November. Both walks will start outside St. Pauls Cathedral.

At 1pm it's "Southwark and Bankside", and at 5pm "Sweeney Todds London".

You can book on these as soon as you like.