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Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Having recently seen Guy Ritchie`s new film of "Sherlock Holmes", I went to the cinema again not long ago.

This time my wife Anne and I went to the same cinema, the splendid Cinema De Lux in the High Cross at Leicester, to see "Did You Hear About the Morgans?", starring Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The story involves an estranged professional couple, both very successful in their own fields, who witness a murder and are witnessed witnessing it by the murderer. They are given new temporary identities and sent out to the Midwest, where they are felt to be safe while the police try to catch the killer.

It was an enjoyable film, although there were one or two places where I found escapes from potential killers to be less than believable.

I also found myself wondering what the point is in Sarah Jessica Parker. I understand she is pretty popular, having been in a long running TV series, but she seems to be not particularly beautiful and not particularly talented acting-wise. There must have been hundreds of decent actresses who could have played this fairly undemanding part just as well, and probably at a much lower salary.

But then I realised that you could say much the same about Hugh Grant. Rather like many years ago James Robertson Justice always played James Robertson Justice and Wilfred Hyde White always played Wilfred Hyde White, I`m afraid Hugh Grant always seems to play Hugh Grant.

Still, it was an enjoyable film, marred unfortunately by the group of teenage girls who trooped in just before the start and kept up a barrage of noisy behaviour before leaving just before the end. Nobody at the cinema, management or staff, attempted to do anything about it. I spent many years managing cinemas, and would never have countenanced an auditorium being devoid of staff, who would be able to take action under such circumstances.

Afterwards, we went for a meal, and chose the nearby Handmade Burger Company. The food was well cooked, well presented and well served. Full marks.