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Dick Whittington and the Lord Mayor`s Show

[An image showing Dick Whittington and the Lord Mayor`s Show]I recently found myself in London on the day that the Lord Mayor`s Show was taking place.

I had never seen this show before, so took the opportunity to watch it. I have taken part in an enormous number of Carnival processions, big and small, over the years, but this was in a class apart.

I was very very impressed indeed, especially by the good humour with which the bands and everybody else kept going, even though it was raining hard. I even saw the actor Robert Powell, who was our patron when I was running the Empire Theatre in Halstead.

After watching the Lord Mayor`s Show, I ventured into St. Pauls Cathedral, where I watched an entertaining performance of "Dick Whittington and his Cat".

This involved two fine young actors, Julian Rhind-Tutt as Dick Whittington and David Schneider as the Cat. I had a chat with them afterwards, and congratulated them on an enjoyable half hour.

Thanks for that, Julian and David.