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Destination Whitby By Steam Train

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway, operators of one of England’s most successful restored steam lines, are seeking financial support to extend their services to Whitby.

The Whitby and Pickering Railway was one of the world’s first when built by George Stephenson and opened in 1836.

However, it closed in 1965 under the far reaching Marples Axe.

But in 1967 a local preservation society was founded, and this led to the reopening of the line between Pickering and Grosmont, where it is possible to change onto the line that runs across the moors from Middlesbrough to Whitby.

The plan now is to make alterations to the line, so that it is possible to recreate Stephenson’s vision by running steam trains direct from Pickering to Whitby.

The existing line achieves more fame by virtue of running through Goathland, famous for its portrayal of Aidensfield in TV’s “Heartbeat”.

Good luck to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.