Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Day Trip to Weymouth

Weymouth was the destination for a Coach Trip that I went on recen tly as a passenger.

It was one of the excursions from Leicester run by the well known company Woods Coaches. These are the people from whom I hire coaches for my own trips, so I am fully aware that they are a good company with good drivers.

People often comment that gpoing on other people`s trips is something of a busman`s holiday for me. Well, that`s true, but the fact is that I enjoy doing it, and of course I can relax, not having any responsibility!

Having left St. Margarets Bus Station, we headed Southwards and had a stop at Chieveley Services.

We had the whole afternoon at Weymouth, so I was able to have a good look round this pleasant resort. It was a long time since I had been there.

I looked around Brewer`s Quay, a tourist attraction in its own right, which includes the town museum, and then headed for the town centre and the seafront.

Well worth a visit, and of course it was great to breathe in some proper sea air.

On the way back, we stopped at Chieveley Servioces again.