Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Day Trip to Lincoln

I went on a Coach Trip to Lincoln the other day.

It was one of the extensive programme of excursions run by my friends at Woods Coaches of Leicester. I know it's a good company with good coaches and good drivers - they are the people from whom I hire coaches for my own trips, the next one incidentally being to Colchester.

Sometimes people say it's a bit of a busman's holiday for me, but the fact is I enjoy going to interesting places anyway, and going as a passenger means that I can sit back knowing that any problems will be sorted out by somebody else!

Having left St. Margarets Bus Station and eased through some flooded roads, we went straight to the historic city of Lincoln.

I have in the past run my own trip to Lincoln, with my own Guided Walk of course, but it's nearly a decade ago, so I was able to refresh my knowledge of the city.

I looked around the magnificent Lincoln Cathedral, of course, and had a cup of coffee in the well appointed refectory, where I chatted to two of the cathedral's own guides.

It was a bit of a whistle stop visit, but I managed to walk down Steep Hill into the City Centre - and up it again!

I also visited the excellent High Bridge Cafe, on the High Bridge, where I consumed a coffee and a tea cake. Excellent!

This will probably always be true - I had a really good day.