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Cinema Reminiscences at Royce Institute

I gave a talk recently to members of the Royce Institute in Leicester.

This time it was "Adventures of the Bearded Cinema Manager", which is probably the most popular of all the talks which I give to groups.

I speak about my own teenage years in Southend, visiting the cinemas very frequently, and the route that took me, via the City of London, into management myself.

I came into the business as a Trainee Manager at the Odeon Gants Hill in 1963, 10 days before my 21st birthday, and was appointed Manager of the Odeon Whalebone Lane in 1966. At 23 I was the youngest cinema manager in the country.

This talk tends to appeal to people of a certain age, who can relate to some of the films and experiences of which I speak.

If you think that your group would enjoy this talk, then do feel free to get in touch.