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Cinema Manager Talk at Church

I recently gave my talk "The Adventures of the Bearded Cinema Manager" at a church in Leicester.

It was at the Church of the Resurrection (formerly St. Alban`s) in the Belgrave district.

This talk is probably the most popular one that I give, as people of a certain age can relate to a lot of my comments and observations.

I come from Southend, and as a teenager used to visit local cinemas a lot, without ever realising that I would one day be involved in their management.

In this talk, I talk about those early days and what led me to enter the business as a Trainee Manager in 1963, ten days short of my 21st birthday.

I continue, giving an account of my adventures in those early days. I came in at the right time, with a very busy group of new films which are still famous today.

If you would like me to give this talk for your own group, feel free to get in touch.