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Christmas Market at Bury St. Edmunds

I went on a Coach Trip to Bury St. Edmunds recently.

The trip was organised by Woods Coaches of Leicester, the excellent company from whom I hire coaches for my own programme of trips.

It is nice for me to sometimes go as a passenger on other people's trips. I can still go to good places, but without having any responsibility!

This particular excursion, to the splendid old market town of Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk, was timed to coincide with the Christmas Market. Although I know the town well, and in fact ran a Coach Trip, including my own Guided Walk, there in 2006, I had not previously been to their Christmas Market.

It is actually a very good one, set largely in the Angel Hill area in front of the Abbey Gate and Bury St. Edmunds Cathedral. Apart from the obvious stalls, there were fairground rides and a stage on which local performers, notably school bands and choirs, entertained the crowds.

There was a craft market at the Athenaeum and a crib with live animals and Wise Men set close to the cathedral.

If you are looking for a Christmas Market to visit next time, I can thoroughly recommend Bury St. Edmunds.