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Britain in the Sixties

My wife Anne and I went to a film show recently, held at the modern church of Christ the King at Beaumont Leys.

The show was called "Britain in the Sixties", and was compiled and introduced by Rob Foxon, well known locally for that sort of thing.

In truth, I had seen most of the films before, but I enjoyed them none the less for that.

They included a film designed to interest people in joining the police force, and followed a police constable`s day. The film did not mention a specific city, but it was quite clear that it had been filmed in Leicester.

Another of the films featured Glyn Houston as "the Welshman", daydreaming about the delights of his beloved Wales.

Then there was one of the films made by the late Sir John Betjeman, celebrating his love of the railways.

There were also some advertisements, made to be shown in ABC Cinemas. I wasn`t that familiar with them, as during the period concerned I was managing cinemas for the Rank Organisation.