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Best of Britain and Ireland

I went to another trade show for people in the group travel business recently.

This was a new show, called Best of Britain and Ireland, and was held at Excel in London Docklands.

There were a number of very positive aspects about this new show, and I have to say that in many respects I was unusually impressed.

One thing that was a particularly good idea was the name badges. Like many other people, I prefer to have mine on a lanyard, but the trouble with that is that the badge sometimes gets back to front, so that it cannot be read. But at this show, somebody had come up with the idea of printing the name details on both sides. How simple, how obvious, but how effective. Well done!

There was also a system of appointments. A number of companies had said that they wished to meet me, so I had useful appointments with the Mountain Goat company in the Lake District (I have travelled on one of their splendid little buses), Dove Cottage, also in the Lake District, and Llangollen Hotels, one of which I will be visiting later in the year.

I came back to Leicester from the show with a very positive attitude.