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Accolade for Southend Pier

[An image showing Accolade for Southend Pier]When visiting Southend, the town where I grew up, a couple of days ago, I learned of an accolade that has been given to Southend Pier.

The National Piers Society has named it Pier of the Year 2007.

Southend Pier was first built early in the 19th century, and constructed in its present form in 1889. It is famously the longest pier in the world, and has its own railway taking passengers to the Pier Head.

The pier has had a dramatic life, including fires and a ship's captain who was so competent that he ploughed into it.

In 2005, the latest fire destroyed the remaining buildings at the Pier Head, and 300 people had to be rescued when they were cut off.

A splendid revamp, including a lift from the High Street and a new Tourist Information Centre, have led to this much deserved award.