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A New Talk About St. George

Those who are responsible for finding people to give talks to groups will be interested in a new talk about St. George which is now available.

"St. George of England" is one of the wide range of talks which I give to clubs and societies.

St. George of course is the patron saint of England, but is far less celebrated than the corresponding saints for Scotland, Wales and particularly Ireland.

I have been trying to redress this for many years (no, I'm not quite alone in this), and lead an annual Guided Walk in Leicester on St. George`s Day entitled "St. George and the Dragons".

The talk looks at what we know of St. George, and how he came to be England`s patron saint, as well as looking at some other aspects of Englishness which manifest themselves on the day.

So feel free to get in touch to book me for this talk.

And just in case you don`t know, St. George`s Day is 23rd April.