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A Day in Shakespeare's Stratford

I went on a Coach Trip recently to the bustling old town of Stratford-upon-Avon.

It was a trip organised by Woods Coaches of Leicester, the company from whom I hire coaches for my own excursions. This time I went along just as a passenger.

Stratford of course is world-famous for its connections with the best known writer of them all, William Shakespeare, who was born and died in the town.

The coach dropped us off at the specially built Coach Park and Visitor Centre. This arrangement is far better than in most towns, incorporating as it does a cafe and toilets, and it's only a short stroll away from the town centre.

I had a ride again on the open top bus. I always recommend these to people on my own trips. They are a good way of seeing quite a bit of historic towns and cities, and complement my Guided Walks. The buses can go further out than I can on foot, but on the other hand I can on a walk show much more detail.

I visited Holy Trinity Church and the Gild Chapel, and had a cup of coffee at a teashop in the Market Place. It's called Truly Scrumptious.

As there has been quite a lot of rain recently, the River Avon was very high and had spread across the water meadows, but thankfully not across the streets.

I always enjoy being a passenger on other people's trips, and this one was certainly no exception.