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A Bit of Fun at Skittles Evening

My wife Anne and I had a fairly rare evening togeter recently, when we went to a Skittles Evening at Swithland.

The evening had been arranged by the Parish of the Resurrection, in the Belgrave district of Leicester, and was held at the Griffin Inn in the Charnwood Forest village of Swithland, famous for its slate, its bluebells and its lovely reservoir crossed regularly by steam trains.

The success of the event can be judged by the fact that the organisers found that there were lots more taking part than expected, and indeed more than the skittle alley could cope with, so we were split into two halves. The first group played skittles then bingo, and the second group played bingo then skittles!

And while we weren`t playing anything, we were eating.

It was a jolly evening, and I will be quite happy to do it again.