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Guildhall (Worcester)

The Guildhall is the chief civic building of the cathedral city of Worcester.

It is situated in the High Street, the main street leading to Worcester Cathedral, and now happily pedestrianised.

The Guildhall was built in 1721, by Thomas White, a pupil of Christopher Wren. The building itself is constructed of brick, but there are excellent stone dressings and decorations.

Surrounding the central doorway are statues of Charles I, Charles II and Queen Anne.

The carving of Oliver Cromwell's head, with his ears pierced by nails, is a reminder of Worcester's designation as "The Faithful City". Worcester was loyal to the crown throughout the Civil War.

Inside, there are portraits of George III and Queen Charlotte, both by Joshua Reynolds.

In a corner of the Guildhall is the city's Tourist Information Centre.

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