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Bridge Chapel (St. Ives (Cambridgeshire))

The Bridge Chapel is a very unusual feature in the old market town of St. Ives (Cambridgeshire).

The mediaeval bridge over the River Great Ouse was constructed in 1426, and the chapel was built at the same time, being partly reconstructed in 1689.

The chapel is on two levels, and hangs over the river. In the 18th century, it was converted into a private house with an extra two storeys, but these wer demolished in the 1930s.

It is one of only three chapels of its kind left in England.

The dedication is unusual as well. Most bridge chapels were dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, sometimes in a form such as Our Lady of the Bridge.

This chapel is dedicated to St. Ledger, and is still available for occasional services.

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