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St. Michael`s Church (Southampton)

St. Michael`s is an ancient church in Southampton.

The oldest building in the city, it dates from 1070, and was the only one of Southampton`s old churches to avoid destruction in the severe bombing of 1940 during the Second World War.

The spire rises to 165 feet, and is surmounted by a 3 foot weathercock constructed in 1733. It has long been a landmark for shipping.

In a corner of the church is a rare Tournai marble fornt.

The oldest mediaeval brass eagle lectern in Britain is in the nave. It was made about 1420 and was rescued from the burning Holy Rood Church, which was destroyed in 1940.

Another mediaeval brass eagle lectern, in the North East chapel, dates from around 1450.

The East window depicts the five mediaeval churches of Southampton that were still in extstence in 1708.

Mary Watts, sister of the great hymnwriter Isaac Watts, is buried here.

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