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St. Chads Church (Shrewsbury)

St. Chad's is a striking 18th century church in the historic old town of Shrewsbury.

It is situated in Murivance, a street which runs along the line of the old Town Walls, opposite the lovely park known as The Quarry, which slopes down to the River Severn.

St. Chad's was built as a replacement for Old St. Chad's in the town centre, which collapsed during the 18th century, and of which a fragment remains.

There was considerable debate about the style of church to be built. Some wanted a traditional building, while others wished to be seen to be modern and up to date. Amazingly, there was such bad feeling that it led to riots.

St. Chad's was actually built between 1790 and 1792, and the architect was George Steuart.

It is an outstanding example of Georgian architecture. The Doric portico is surmounted by a tower in three stages, successively square, octagonal and circular.

Entering the church, one is faced with an oval foyer leading to a brilliant circular nave.

The East window was executed by David Evans in the 1840s, and there is an Arts and Crafts brass pulpit.

In the churchyard is the gravestone of Ebenezer Scrooge. This was left behind by the film company which made a version of "A Christmas Carol" in Shrewsbury during the 1980s, starring the outstanding American actor George. C. Scott.

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