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Shrewsbury Abbey (Shrewsbury)

The Abbey of the Holy Cross still stands in the ancient town of Shrewsbury, just across the English Bridge over the River Severn from the town centre.

It was founded in 1083 as a Bendictine abbey by Roger de Montgomery, one of the most trusted supporters of William the Conqueror, who also built Shrewsbury Castle.

In 1136 the Abbey gained more prestige by acquiring the relics of St. Winifrede.

The Abbey has Norman to Perpendicular work. Across the road is the 14th century Refectory Pulpit, saved from demolition when Thomas Telford drove his new road to Holyhead through the Abbey grounds in 1836.

The West Front is 12th century at ground floor level, with a Norman doorway and 14th century window, and there is a statue of Edward III.

John Loughborough Pearson carried out much restoration work in the 1880s.

In the 20th century, Shrewsbury Abbey gained international fame as the setting for the Brother Cadfael detective stories written by Ellis Peters.

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