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Selby Abbey (Selby)

The Abbey Church of Our Lord, St. Mary and St. Germain dominates the Yorkshire town of Selby, of which it is now the parish church.

It was a Benedictine abbey, founded in the 11th century by Benedict of Auxerre.

The magnificent West doorway, in the Norman style, dates from about 1170, and the two towers were raised to their present height in 1935.

The huge East window is of the Tree of Jesse. There are 67 figures spread over seven lights. The window, much of which is made of 14th century glass, was restored by William Liversidge in 1891.

The earliest known example of the stars and stripes can be seen in the abbey. It is part of the coat of arms of John de Washington, prior here in the 14th century and part of the same family that produced George Washington.

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