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Rochford Hall (Rochford)

[An image showing Rochford Hall]Rochford Hall is a brick mansion in the old Essex market town of Rochford.

It stands on the site of an earlier hall, which was owned by the de Bohun family. Mary de Bohun was married in Rochford to Henry Bolingbroke, who later became Henry IV. She is buried at Leicester.

Much later, it was the homeof the Boleyn family. Local tradition maintains that Anne Boleyn was born here. Whether or not this is true, she was certainly wooed by Henry VIII here, before becoming Queen.

The Hall was rebuilt in 1545, and was then owned by Lord Rich, who as Richard Rich had given the evidence that ensured his benefactor Thomas More's execution.

Today, the hall, impressive though it still is, is a much smaller affair.

It stands away from the town, with St. Andrews Church for company, and is now the club house of the Rochford Hundred Golf Club.

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