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Market Place (Richmond)

The Market Place at Richmond in Yorkshire is one of the largest in England, and arguably one of the finest.

The town developed soon after the building of Richmond Castle, and was granted its market charter in 1093.

The sloping Market Place is cobbled, and now contains, as well as market stalls, bus stops, to allow passengers to travel direct to the market from outlying villages.

In the centre is a tall Obelisk, which was constructed in 1771 to replace the ancient Market Cross.

Also in the centre, on an island site, is the 12th century Holy Trinity Church. This now contains, in addition to a place of worship, the Green Howards Regimental Museum, as well as what may well be the finest fish and chip restaurant in the land.

Several streets lead away from the Market Place of this romantic old town. Some contain shops, one leads to the castle, and another leads to the Georgian Theatre.

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