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Bell Wharf (Old Leigh)

Bell Wharf is one of the many wharves leading off the Error with link in the old fishing and shipbuilding town of Old Leigh in Essex.

It is the last one on the East, at the end of the High Street, from which the Cinder Path, for pedestrians only, continues to Chalkwell and on to Southend.

On the other side of the road is the former Leigh Station, which is now the headquarters of a local yacht club. The present station is beyond the far end of the High Street.

Beside the former station was once a level crossing, but pedestrian acces to the Old Town is now by footbridge.

Bell Wharf is named after the Bell Inn. A building which was the last here to have this name stands on the other side of the footbridge. Its licence was transferred in the 1930s to the well known Bell Hotel at Prittlewell.

On Bell Wharf are Pier and Foreshore offices, and public toilets.

Beside the wharf there is a small sandy beach.

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