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Waterloo Station (London)

Waterloo Station is one of the major railway termini of London.

It is situated on the South side of Waterloo Bridge, and named after Wellington's victory at Waterloo.

The station was originally constructed in 1848 and at first named Waterloo Bridge Station. It was built by Joseph Locke, as a successor to the earlier Nine Elms Station.

Waterloo saw 13,000 evacuees leave London in 1939, and also had the harrowing experience of seeing the arrival of soldiers who had been rescued from Dunkirk in 1940. It was Londoners' first sight of the harsh realities of war.

For a while Waterloo included the Necropolis Station, to transport traffic for funerals direct to Brookwood Cemetery near Woking.

Trains leave Waterloo for many important places, including Guildford, Portsmouth, Southampton and Salisbury.

Waterloo Underground station is used by trains on the Bakerloo Line, Jubilee Line and Northern Line, as well as the Waterloo and City Line, long known as "The Drain".

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