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All Saints Church (Huntingdon)

All Saints is the main town centre parish church of the old market town of Huntingdon.

It is one of two surviving town centre churches, the other being St. Mary's Church. There were at one time sixteen mediaeval churches in the town.

All Saints is situated in the High Street, taking up the North side of Market Hill. Opposite the church is the Old Grammar School, which now functions as the Cromwell Museum, and around the corner is the galleried George Hotel.

The church dates back to Norman times, but is mostly of the 15th century.

The upper parts of the tower were rebuilt of brick in the 17th century after the Civil War, and the very top is Victorian.

The font was brought here from the demolished St. John's Church. It was this font in which Oliver Cromwell was baptised, and his baptimal records have also been brought from St. John's.

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