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Ely Porta (Ely)

Ely Porta is an impressive gateway in the the historic cathedral city of Ely.

It leads into the Ely Cathedral Close, and the King's School, and the delightful semi-rural park that is known simply as The Park.

The gate was begun in 1396 and completed in 1417, and was originally the entrance to the monastery.

The porter's lodge was sitated on the ground floor, while the upper floor saw service as the prior's prison.

Today the building is part of the King's School, founded by Henry VIII.

Turning left once through the Ely Porta one comes to a collection of historic buildings connected with the monastery and cathedral. Turning right one sees the 14th century barn which is now used as the school dining room.

The alternative name for the Ely Porta is the Walpole Gate, named after the Prior who caused it to be built.

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