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Eltham Palace (Eltham)

Eltham Palace is a mediaeval Royal palace at Eltham transformed in the 1930s into chic and glamorous dwelling.

The original palace dates from Edward I`s reign, the 13th century. It continued to be favoured by Royalty, and was often visited by Henry VIII, but after his death in 1547 it fell into disrepair.

Stephen and Virginia Courtauld, of the textile dynasty, took a lease on the palace in the 1930s and built an outstanding Art Deco house, with stunning rooms including the Entrance Hall and Dining Room.

The mediaeval Great Hall, with its wonderful hammerbeam roof, is separated from 30s Art Deco only by a Chinese sliding screen.

Outside, the gardens, both formal and informal, nestle around the remains of the mediaeval palace.

Eltham Palace is now in the care of English Heritage.

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