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Conwy Castle (Conwy)

Conwy Castle is one of the magnificent castles built by Edward I in North Wales, and is in the old town of Conwy.

The earliest castle in the area was at Deganwy beside Afon Conwy, but Edward I decided in 1283 that a position overlooking the estuary would be far superior. Edward appointed the master architect James of St. George to construct the new castle and, partly using stone from the ruins of Deganwy, he completed the job in 1287.

During Prince Madoc`s uprising in 1294, the castle was besieged and Edward had to be rescued by the fleet.

In 1399 Richard II received the duke of Northumberland, acting for Henry Bolingbroke, here. They set out for Flint and Richard`s deposition and death, Bolingbroke having taken the crown as Henry IV.

During the Wars of the Roses Conwy was held by the Yorkists.

The castle fell into decay and was sold in 1627. Fortified for the king, it held out for three months in 1646. The roof lead was sold in 1665.

During the 19th century the railway company was obliged to spend considerable sums to repair the damage caused by vibration from its trains.

Conwy Castle is now in the hands of Cadw.

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