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Gustav Holst Birthplace (Cheltenham)

The Gustav Holst Birthplace is an interesting building at Cheltenham.

It is situated in Clarence Road, in the Pittville district.

The house is part of an elegant terrace, dating from 1832.

Holst`s great grandfather came from Latvia, and his grandfather, having married an English girl, settled in Cheltenham, where Holst was born in 1874.

His first serious musical experience cane as organist at Wyck Rissington church. He entered the Royal College of Music in London, but had to give up his intended career as a concert pianist because of neuritis in his arm. Instead, he studied composition and worked as a trombonist in the theatre.

On marrying, he moved to London in Essex, where he worked as a teacher and organist, and composed much of his well known music.

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