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St. Nicholas` Church (Castle Hedingham)

St. Nicholas` Church is the parish church of the little town of Castle Hedingham in Essex.

This fine church was started about 1200, and is in the Norman to Early English styles.

The brick West tower has a date of 1616, but is substantially early 16h century. It is a high tower, but this is not seen much from afar because the town centre itself is in a hollow.

There are a number of shields relating to the De Veres, Earls of Oxford, as well as numerous stars, the emblem of the family.

In the South aisle is a small wooden relief of Mary Magdalene washing Jesus` feet, dating from the early 16th century, as well as a 12th century demi-figure of a woman praying.

There is a monument to John, 15th Earl of Oxford, who died in 1539. The other De Veres were buried at the Priory at Earls Colne.

In the churchyard, there is a restored 12th century cross.

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