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Carlisle Castle (Carlisle)

Castle Castle is an important stronghold at the border city of Carlisle.

The natural rock was considered to be of strategic value by both the Romans and their Anglo-Saxon successors.

However, William II built the first castle in 1092, and it was improved by David II of Scotland, using stone from Hadrian`s Wall. He also built the City Walls.

Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned here by her cousin Elizabeth I for two months in 1568, and during the Civil War it was besieged by the Scots, while holding out for Charles I. The surrender came after the men had been reduced to eating "rats, linseed meal and dogs". Afterwards the castle was repaired using stone plundered from Carlisle Cathedral.

Many Scots were imprisoned here after the Battle of Culloden Moor in 1745.

A new parade ground was constructed in the mid 19th century.

The castle is now in the care of English Heritage.

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