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Bournemouth Pier (Bournemouth)

Bournemouth Pier is one of a dwindling number of English seaside piers, a fascinating and much loved institution.

It is situated on the South coast at the major seaside resort of Bournemouth, pointing out into the English Channel.

The first pier on the site was completed in 1856. It was just a jetty really, 100 feet long and designed to receive steamers.

In 1861 it was replaced by a 1000 foot pier designed by George Rennie. But storms in 1867 and 1876 severely damaged the structure, and it was demolished, with a temporary landing stage being constructed.

The present pier was designed by the pier specialist Eugenius Birch. With a length of 838 feet, this was opened in 1880. Extensions brought the length to 1000 feet.

Like many others, the pier was closed to the public during the Second World War, and reopened in 1946. A major refurbishment programme was completed in 1981.

Bournemouth Pier survived an attempt by the IRA to kill 800 people at a performance at the pier theatre in 1993.

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