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North Pier (Blackpool)

North Pier is one of a dwindling number of English seaside piers, a fascinating and much loved institution.

It is situated on the Irish Sea coast at the major seaside resort of Blackpool.

North Pier was the first of Blackpool`s three piers, all still in existence. It was designed by Eugenius Birch and opened in 1863.

A landing jetty was added in 1864 and extended in 1867, giving a length of 1650 feet.

It was not long before there was significant commercial development on the pier. An Indian pavilion, bandstand, shops and restaurant were added in 1874.

North Pier was damaged in 1892 when it was struck by the Norwegian barque Sirene, and Nelson`s former flagship HMS Foudroyant was wrecked while moored beside the pier in 1897 for an exhibition.

The Indian pavilion was destroyed by fire in 1921, and its replacement met the samwe fate in 1938. A third pavilion survives.

In 1987, the entrance buildings were rebuilt, and helicopter rides were introduced in 1990, with a new tramway added in 1991.

The other piers still open in Blackpool are Central Pier and South Pier.

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