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St. Paul`s Church (Bedford)

St. Paul`s Church is the main church in the centre of Bedford, beside the Market Place.

Originally mediaeval, the church was largely refashioned in the 1880s with a chancel screen by G. F. Bodley.

The original main door was by the South porch, with an Early Gothic arch. Haowever, at the refashioning the main entrance was moved to the West Front, with glass doors.

Beside the earlier entrance is the grave of Patience Johnson, who died at 38 in 1717, while giving birth to her 25th child.

The Wesley Pulpit dates from 1680, and was used by John Wesley when he peached the Assize Sermon in 1758. There is a fine set of stalls and misericords.

The Trinity Chapel was built in the early 15th century, for the Guilds of Trinity and Corpus Christi. The BBC broadcast concerts from here during the Second World War, when Glenn Miller was based nearby.

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