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Aberystwyth Royal Pier (Aberystwyth)

Royal Pier is a remnant of an example of a much loved institution, the seaside pier.

It is situated on the shores of Cardigan Bay, in the university town and seaside resort of Aberystwyth.

The first purpose built pleasure pier in Wales, it was designed by Eugenius Birch with a length of 800 feet, and opened on Good Friday 1865.

A few months later, a storm washed away a 100 foot length, and this was restored in 1872.

Princess Alexandra, the Princess of Wales, opened a 3000 seat pavilion in 1896.

The pier`s decline began in 1938, when damage in another storm reduced the length by half, and although from time to time amenities opened and closed, today only 300 foot of the original 800 foot remains.

There is an amusement arcade and bar, but no access to the walkway along what remains of the pier itself.

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