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Winchelsea is a very attractive small town in East Sussex, 2 miles from Rye.

After Old Winchelsea was destroyed by the sea in 1287, this new town was built by Edward I in 1288, on an eminence above the River Brede.

It was built on a grid pattern, but the town today covers only a third of the original area, after three raids by the French. It is probably he earliest example of town planning.

Nothing of the town walls survives, but there are three remaining town gates.

St. Thomas` Church is a fragment of the original, but still of impressive size. The present nave was the original chancel. Spike Milligan is buried in the churchyard.

The 14th century Court Hall now contains a museum.

Many of the old houses contain crypts, which were used for wine storage.

Winchelsea and Rye were the two "antient towns" that were added to the Cinque Ports.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Winchelsea for groups.

Places in Winchelsea

Winchelsea Station