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Walsingham is a small town in Norfolk, 4 miles from Wells-next-the-Sea.

Actually, there are two Walsinghams, Great Walsingham and Little Walsingham. Unusually, Little Walsingham is much bigger than its neighbour.

The Shrine of Our Lady has been a pilgrimage site since 1061, when Lady Richeld, the landowner, was visited by the Blessed Virgin Mary who instructed her to build a replica of the Holy House where Gabriel announced the impending birth of Jesus.

Several Kings of England, including Henry III and Edward I, visited the shrine.

All this ceased at the Reformation, but the cult was revived in 1897 and Walsingham continues to be a popular place of pilgrimage.

There are remains of the mediaeval Priory, and of the Grey Friars, founded in 1346.

St. Mary's Church is handsome and dates from the 15th century. It was restored in 1961 after a fire.

The modern Anglican Shrine of Our Lady dates from 1931.

The pleasant Market Place has a 16th century pump house.

The Slipper Chapel is a mile away at Houghton St. Giles, with a tradition of walking barefoot to Walsingham from there.

There is a restored railway running from Walsingham to Wells-next-the-Sea.

Places in Walsingham

House of Correction, St. Mary and All Saints Church, Walsingham Abbey, Walsingham Station

Places in Walsingham...