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Stambridge is a small but straggling village in Essex, two miles to the East of Rochford.

Properly, most of it is Great Stambridge, as Little Stambridge is now only represented by its hall and a few cottages.

St. Mary and All Saints Church has a 15th century tower, but some of the fabric is Saxon.

John Winthrop, the first Governor of Massachussetts, was married here in 1605, and another who lived at Stambridge was John Harriott, who established the Thames river police.

The ancient Tide Mill, where the little River Roach dramatically becomes tidal, was burnt down in 1965.

There was a small mediaeval church at Little Stambridge. It was largely rebuilt in 1870, but deemed unnecessary in 1880, and promptly taken down. A few stones remain in the grounds of the adjacent hall.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Stambridge for groups.

Places in Stambridge

Little Stambridge Hall, St. Mary and All Saints Church

Places in Stambridge...