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St. Michael`s Mount

St. Michael`s Mount is a rocky island in Mount`s Bay, 1 mile off Marazion in Cornwalll.

At low tide it is accessible by causeway from Marazion, and at high tide by ferry.

The 250 foot summit is surmounted by a castle, looking as if it is out of a fairy tale, and contains a 14th century chapel.

The village at the bottom is beautifully preserved, and includes the harbour.

The Romans knew the island as Ictis.

In 1044 a Benedictine monastery was founded on the island by Edward the Confessor. It was given to Mont St. Michel off the Brittany coast, to which the island bears a striking resemblance.

The St. Aubyn family bought St. Michael`s Mount in 1645 and still live there, although it is now owned by the National Trust.