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South Shields

South Shields is a town in Tyne and Sear, formerly County Durham, on the South side of the River Tyne and almost at its mouth, and 7 miles from Gateshead.

It grew up in the 19th century as a seaside resort and colliery town.

The Roman fort of Arbeia has been extensively excavated, and there is now a Roman museum.

William Wouldhave, inventor of the lifeboat in 1789, was born at South Shields, and the world`s first lifeboat service began here in 1790.

Also born in South Shields were actress Flora Robson; film director Ridley Scott; and saxophone player Kathy Stobart.

Wilson, Keppel and Betty, originators of the famous Sand Dance, came from South Shields.

There is a ferry to North Shields.

Places in South Shields

South Shields Station