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Sandringham is an estate village in Norfolk, 7 miles from Kings Lynn.

It is famous for the Sandringham estate, used as a country retreat by the Royal family, and covering 7000 acres.

Sandringham House was built in 1870 in the style of a Jacobean mansion, on the site of a previous house. That house had been purchased in 1861 by Queen Victoria for her son Edward Prince of Wales, later Edward VII.

George VI, Olaf V of Norway and Diana, Princess of Wales, were born at Sandringham, while George V and George VI both died here.

St. Mary Magdalene Church is well known as the Royal parish church, and contains many Royal memorials.

Most of the lovely estate, now a country park, is freely open to the public. There is an excellent Visitor Centre.

Places in Sandringham

Sandringham House