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Rhyl is a very popular seaside resort in North Wales, 4 miles from Prestatyn.

Along the seafront, with its three miles of sands, there are all the usual range of atractions,including funfair, amusements, boating lake and amusement arcades.

The Skytower rises to 240 feet, and gives wonderful views.

There are Botanical Gardens, and the Royal Floral Hall boasts sub-tropical plants.

Offshore is one of Britain`s largest wind farms.

It was at Rhyl in 2001 that Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, infuriated at being struck by an egg thrown by farm worker Craig Evans, landed a well-aimed and highly effective right hook on his assailant.

People born in Rhyl include Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain; and Penelope Mortimer, novelist.

Places in Rhyl

Palace Fun Centre, Rhyl Station