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Oldham is a large industrial town in Greater Manchester, formerly in Lancashire, and 7 miles from Manchester.

Situated on the edge of the Pennines, Oldham was an important cotton-spinning town during the 19th century and stretching into the early 20th century.

Winston Churchill was first elected as a Member of Parliament for this constituency in 1900, and a previous M. P. was William Cobbett.

Oldham Art Gallery has a good collection of paintings by such artists as Constable, Lowry and Turner.

The imposing Town Hall was built in 1841.

Among those born in Oldham are Warren Clarke, actor; Bernard Cribbins, actor; Matthew Maynard, England cricketer; Eric Sykes, comic actor and writer; and William Walton, composer.

Places in Oldham

Alexandra Park, Oldham Mumps Station, Oldham Werneth Station

Places in Oldham...